Investing / Commercial

Commercial Lending

After many years working in the banking industry we have some really strong connections with the banks and financial institutes, which enable us to help you with your commercial endeavours.

We are a passionate team and understand every scenario is different; we do enjoy a challenge and like to work to achieve the best possible results for you.

The fee structure works differently for commercial, where the bank covers the costs involved in residential and small business lending, they often will not cover the costs for a broker in commercial, and these can be discussed during consultation as they do differ for every transaction.

Investment Properties

Whether this is your first investment property or you are now expanding your portfolio we can help!

With personal experience in both managing and owing rental properties we can provide you with in depth knowledge of owing your own rental property. Check out our forms and tables for the rental budget planner in order to see what your new budget would look like.

We do always highly recommend talking to your accountant prior to purchasing a rental property in order to obtain the best benefit for your personal situation.

For a free, no obligation phone call in regards to commercial or investment properties phone 0800 864 864

We look forward to hearing from you.