Mortgage Protection

Protecting your financial future

For the majority of people, buying a home is going to be the biggest financial decision they ever make. This home will be, in effect, their most important personal asset. The question that everyone should ask themselves upon making this purchase decision is, "can I afford to risk not protecting my home?"

Mortgage and income protection insurance

What is mortgage and income insurance, and do you need it?

Who’d pay the mortgage, your everyday bills and other expenses such as school fees, if you were unable to work? Mortgage and income protection insurance is a type of personal insurance. It is designed to protect the borrower in case of loan default, and also cover the cost of regular monthly mortgage repayments if you pass away, become seriously ill or lose your regular income stream.

Protecting your yourself against the unexpected can be unpacked in a few more ways…

Life insurance

Nobody wants to think the worst, but could your family survive financially without your income? Life insurance offers the peace of mind that they’ll be able to pay the bills, mortgage or rent if you’re not around.

Your life insurance policy pays out in the event of your death. It can help our loved ones get back on track, giving you financial breathing space and allowing you more time to spend with your family.

Health and medical insurance

Your health is the most valuable thing you possess – so you want to be sure you have access to the best medical care when you need it.

Health and medical insurance covers the cost of private medical treatment including but not limited to, surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic imaging and tests, specialist consultations, home nursing, and treatment away from home or overseas.

Trauma insurance

Major illness or injury is tough to deal with, as is the added financial pressures that it can bring. If you were seriously ill or injured, could you cover the cost of your treatment, and pay the regular household bills, while taking the time off you need to recover?

Trauma cover can provide you with the financial support you need at such times, helping pay for treatment and help at home, and enabling you to take the time you need to recover, or to be there for your children.

The Mortgage Girls and Imsure - partnership providing premium protection

Imsure are our trusted insurance partners. They’re not tied to a big name insurance brand, so can offer you a wide range of policy types, and competitive pricing. Like us, they approach their work on a personal level. Their yardstick for success is that of customer satisfaction and getting fabulous feedback.

Meet your personal broker. Get a quote

Find out how little it can cost to protect your greatest asset and your loved ones. Get in touch with Imsure for free advice on insurance cover. One of their advisers will put together a personalised, no-obligation insurance plan for protecting you and your family.

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