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How will my budget look once I have purchased a home?

How will my budget look once I have purchased a home? It's a pretty exciting and daunting process purchasing a home for the first time! In saying this preparation is key to know and understand how your budget will look once you have purchase a home. Your budget will change once you have a new home,…
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Did you Say FREE???

That’s Right Our Service is FREE to you!!! Talk to The Mortgage Girls today regarding purchasing your first home anywhere in New Zealand ??!! The Mortgage Girls have been helping to make dreams come true and have been helping their clients unlock the doors to their first home ? ?, dream home and investment properties for years. How…
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World Heart Day

Small changes can make a big difference. This World Heart Day, we’re asking you to share how you power your heart and inspire millions of people around the world to be heart healthy. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes heart disease and stroke, is the world’s number one killer. Each year, it’s responsible for 17.5 million…
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