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A Little Bit About Our Team

The Mortgage Girls, was established in 2015 with a vision to help make home buying dreams come true for everyday kiwis just like you. We have a highly driven team with previous success in the finance industry including many years in the banking, insurance and finance. Between us we know we have what it takes to help you with your goals.

Our Mortgage Advisers

Laura te Kaat (Carter)

Laura Carter - The Mortgage Girls

Mobile Mortgage Adviser
027 232 9525
[email protected]

I've been in the finance industry for over 12 years. I built my first home at age 23 and have gone on to sell and buy several more so am well versed to help you through the process of getting finance for your home. I love helping people achieve things they didn't think was possible and being able to provide exceptional customer service along the way. I am down to earth, responsive and excited to help you on your home buying journey.

In my spare time I love relaxing with friends and family, training at the gym for my next powerlifting competition and hanging out with my three cats, Mimi, Murri and Tilly.

Michelaé Reeve

Michelaé Reeve - The Mortgage Girls

Mobile Mortgage Adviser
027 341 9494
[email protected]

Hi I’m Michelaé.

I have been working in the finance industry for a number of years now. I went through my first home buying experience with The Mortgage Girls. The whole process from start to finish was incredibly easy. The help and guidance from the girls and their approach, gave me a new-found passion to further my career in this industry.  I wanted to utilise and expand my own experience and join a dynamic team of professionals in the mortgage finance field. I was thrilled when The Mortgage Girls gave me the opportunity to join their team.

When I’m not helping clients with their home buying dreams, you’ll find me up the Christchurch Port Hills riding my mountain bike or at the Alpine Ice Rink freestyle skating. Otherwise I’ll be at home tinkering away carrying out renovations to our character house with my partner Josh.

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor - The Mortgage Girls

Mobile Mortgage Adviser
027 299 1777
[email protected]

Hi I’m Louise!

I have worked in the finance industry for 20 years. Starting off as a bank teller with Royal Bank of Scotland I quickly realised my passion was in property & lending.

My family & I moved to New Zealand in 2010 from Scotland where we quickly settled into the Kiwi lifestyle.  We started our journey in Auckland where I worked as a Mortgage Adviser for a number of years before we relocated once more to Christchurch. Here I worked with SBS Bank as a Mortgage Specialist. This role gave me an amazing opportunity to progress my career and develop a greater understanding of the lending process from a bank's perspective.

Having bought, sold, built and invested. My passion is all things property and my goal is to share the passion and help others with their own home ownership goals.

Running, skiing, boot camps and endless hours walking the dog is where you will find me the rest of the time.

Nina Gillespie

Nina Gillespie - The Mortgage Girls

Mobile Mortgage Adviser
027 282 4477
[email protected]

Hi I’m Nina

I have been in the Finance industry since 2006, while going through the home loan process with a broker I was offered a job and I have never looked back.

During the years I have also worked at NZ home loans, Kiwibank and Westpac and until recently I ran my own small business.

I love helping people to become financial free and to achieve their home ownership / investment goals.

I have brought, renovated and sold many times and I am passionate about helping others to achieve their financial dreams.

In my spare time you will find me keeping fit walking the many tracks around Christchurch or on the West Coast spending time with friends and family.

Elyce Peters

Elyce Peters - The Mortgage Girls

Head Mortgage Adviser
027 265 9553
[email protected]

Hi I'm Elyce 🖐

Holly and I founded The Mortgage Girls in 2015 because we genuinely wanted to help people. We knew our company would make people's financial dreams come true, while offering other women the freedom of a better work and life balance.

I bought my first property when I was 27, also purchasing two properties in one year. The same year, I was declined finance twice. I know how banks look at some people, because they looked at me the same way. What the banks didn't count on is my tenacious persistence and problem solving abilities, which allow me to help people from all over New Zealand gain finance, myself included. Not many people love their job, but I do. As my Grandma says "I call a spade, a spade", so when it comes to achieving your financial goals, I'll tell it like it is. That means always being upfront and honest with you, plus I'm not afraid to call out the banks if I think they can do better.

Did I mention, my team is awesome? We've won multiple awards over the years, including Regional Mortgage Broker of the Year, Excellence for customer service from an individual office, Excellence for Mortgage Broker of the Year (1-10 staff) and New Zealand Selection for Young Gun of the year.

Since founding The Mortgage Girls I've married my amazing husband Liam, had a beautiful daughter Mackenzie, and become step-mother to two gorgeous toddlers, Marko and Maggie. Going from no kids to three under 3 in a matter of months, while working full-time was an experience... It showed me The Mortgage Girls is the most amazing team, and my clients are like part of my family.

When I'm not helping others with mortgages or getting people into their own homes, I like to keep myself busy. Renovating and growing my own investment portfolio, snowboarding, motocross, down-hill mountain biking, and when I can get back to my parent’s farm I love horse riding in the country air. I've put all these hobbies to one side as I raise my young family, but I can't wait to get them into these activities as they grow.

My goal with The Mortgage Girls is to be able to help others and be able to do it whilst creating a family, working from home. I want to able to help other women have a better work life balance, while making people's financial dreams come true whether that is getting onto the property ladder, helping reduce debt or finance business.

Behind the scenes

Nicole Gillum-Flaus

Nicole Gillum-Flaus - The Mortgage Girls

Administration Assistant
027 388 4000
[email protected]

I have been in the finance industry for 10 years. Straight out of high school, I followed in my dad's footsteps and started working in international trade and finance at BNZ.
We bought our first home in 2019 and are currently renovating it, which is really rewarding.

I spend my spare time with my Husband and three children, we love to go on nature walks through hills, forests and beaches. My family and I are passionate about animals and try and spend as much time as we can with as many animals as we can, we own a dog, 2 cats and a flemish giant rabbit.

Kate Boleyn

Kate Boleyn - The Mortgage Girls

Administration Assistant
027 246 2900
[email protected]

I’ve been in the finance industry for over 10 years. I have my hairdressing trade but jumped into banking to enable myself to buy my first home. Since then I have renovated, sold and brought. I love being part of a team that helps people achieve their kiwi dream of having their own home.

I spend my free time with my wee family, chasing after my son and ex racing greyhound. We love the outdoors so are always off on mini adventures around Canterbury or to our family farm. When I get some me time you’ll find me on a mountain or road bike or running trails and still managing to enter the odd event.

Holly Sullivan

Holly Sullivan - The Mortgage Girls

Marketing and Administration
027 465 5901
[email protected]

Kia Ora l Hello

I've been in the finance industry for over 15 years, starting my career working for The National Bank of New Zealand at 15 years old. I purchased my first home when I was 18 years old after working two jobs and saving for a couple of years. I have since built my first home and have learned a lot from the experience.

I love property and helping others achieve their goals. My objective is to help The Mortgage Girls team help our clients meet their goals by having the resources they and you need in order to be able to do so.

Heather Bakkenes

Heather Bakkenes - The Mortgage Girls

Administration & Compliance
027 267 8989
[email protected]

Having worked in the finance, sales & insurance industry for most of my working career, I am really passionate about doing my part in helping clients realise their financial ambitions.  Some important lessons I have learnt along the way - every ones journey is different and every client is unique.  I was really impressed with The Mortgage Girls team and how in every case they put their clients first and really get to understand them, their current position and what they want to achieve.

With 2 grown up children, I am at the stage where I am excitedly watching them and their friends embark on their own first home journeys.

Outside of work, you can generally find me in the garden, renovating or following the adventures my kids are up to

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