Calculators, Tools and Resources


Home Deposit Savings
How long will it take to reach your target?
Home Loan Repayments
Calculate your expected mortgage repayments
Home Loan Interest
Calculate how much interest you could save by increasing your mortgage  repayments
Rent VS Home Loan
Can I afford to purchase a home?
Investment Return
Will your investment property earn a profit?
Investment Purchase
Do you have enough equity in your home to purchase an invesment property?

Tools and Resources

Paper Lending Application
A printable version of our online application
Important Information
Important info about The Mortgage Girls & how our business works
Rent VS Home Loan Budget Template
A printable version of our Rent VS Home Loan Calculator
Online Lending Application
Apply online here
Application Checklist
Outlines the required supporting documents for your application
Investment Return Budget Template
A printable version of our investment property return Calculator