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Life Education Trust Canterbury aims to give every child the best tools to succeed in life. From building confidence and self-esteem, to teaching them about their bodies and how to interact with the world around them, Life Education Trust has been New Zealand’s largest health education provider for over 30 years.

As much as we believe in empowering children and helping them reach their full potential, we also love a bit of friendly competition. The Mortgage Girls regularly participate in the Life Education Duck Race.

Our donation ‘buys’ a rubber duck, which we then decorate and race down the Avon River in the heart of Christchurch against rubber ducks sponsored by other businesses. It’s such a fun event to be part of, while also supporting an amazing cause.

You can find out more, or sponsor a duck here. 

In 2017, director and Mortgage Girls founder Elyce lost a friend and family member to suicide.

Not wanting anyone else to feel the way she felt, Elyce and The Mortgage Girls team created a fundraising appeal for Lifeline.

Lifeline provides a free 24/7 helpline for people in crisis and relies on donations to keep going. 0800 LIFELINE (0800 543 354).

Swap For Life started with our very own Mortgage Girls Chopping board, made from recycled Rimu from the Christchurch Earthquakes. We hoped to swap it for something of greater value, and then continually swap for 12 weeks, with each item increasing at value every swap. We collected donations and auctioned the final item off, raising over $2000 for Lifeline.

Need to talk, or want to support Lifeline?

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Every child deserves fun, happy memories. For those who live with life threatening illness, physical or intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or in underprivileged circumstances, that’s not always the reality.

Special Children’s Christmas Parties hosts events across the country for children in need. It’s a day to help them forget everything else that’s going on.

The Mortgage Girls has proudly supported the Christchurch Special Children’s Christmas Party, and we get such enjoyment from seeing the children having fun, that we will continue to do so.

You can find out more or become a sponsor here

There are so many worthy causes and organisations asking for support every day. As much as we love being active in our community, it’s impossible to sponsor them all.    

However, we were so impressed with Tyler’s proposal for his TQ Midget car racing team, we took a chance on getting involved in motorsport. 

We love seeing Team Warnock Racing heading around Ruapuna Speedway, and are proud to support Tyler through multiple racing seasons.

Check out Team Warnock Racing here

Ronald McDonald House South Island provides accommodation and a safe space for the family members of children with serious conditions being treated at Christchurch Hospital.

In 2017, friends of The Mortgage Girls Director Holly found out their 6 month old baby Meilah had brain and spine tumors. Meilah stayed in hospital for the next 4 and a half months, but there is no room for parents in the ICU. Ronald McDonald House provided a space close by for Meilah’s mum Cushla to live. 

Today, Meilah is a happy, growing child, but still needs regular hospital monitoring. When she goes in for her short observations, Ronald McDonald House continues to provide room for Meilah’s parents. 

As a team, The Mortgage Girls have cooked dinner for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House South Island. It’s a small, practical gesture to help families who are already having a tough time. 

You can follow Meilah's journey here.

Mortgage Girls Director Holly Sullivan has two major passions in life: Helping kiwis into homes, and hitting hard in the ring. 

In all seriousness, Holly has been an integral part of the Woolston Boxing Club for well over a decade. She’s part of a dedicated team that teaches discipline, self-defence, and teamwork, mentoring kids from around the community.

All coaches, including Holly work together to keep the gym open for six classes a week during the school tem, as well as fundraising for gloves, equipment, and travel so these athletes can compete in tournaments around New Zealand. 

Holly’s commitment and dedication to boxing, and the children in her community was recognised by Sports Canterbury, who honoured her with the 2021 Outstanding Sports Administrator of the Year Award.

You can follow the Woolston Boxing Club here.

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