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We are here to chat “virtually”

We are here to chat "virtually" Worried about your home ownership goals? Things are moving fast in this new COVID-world so we want to assure you that The Team at The Mortgage Girls are here to chat. Banks, governments and advisers like us appreciate that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and everyone is jumping in…
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Digital Mortgage Adviser Services Avalible

Digital Mortgage Adviser Services avalible at The Mortgage Girls Currently in isolation or even staying indoors? Is now the time to start working on your future home ownership goals or the time to start putting plans in place? Give The Mortgage Girls a call today 0800 864 864, alternativley jump straight into our online services…
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Kiwisaver Balance Taken a Hit?

Kiwisaver Balance Taken a Hit? Kiwisaver Investments are currently experiencing a sudden drop. This is as a result of global stock being extremely volatile at the moment due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty is presents to the global economy. This may affect your desired or current mortgage pre approval and therefore your ability to purchase…
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Is your New Years Resolution to purchase a new home?

Is your New Years Resolution to purchase a new home? Unsure where to start? Or what the next steps are from here?  Give us a FREE non obligation call today 0800 864 864 At The Mortgage Girls we can have a FREE non-obligation chat to talk to your about your home finance goals for 2020!…
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