Beth’s personal story and feedback

Beth's personal story and feedback about the importance of having experts on your side in mortgages & insurance.

We love receiving feedback from our clients! We can not thank Beth enough for taking the time to share her personal experience and journey to date with The Mortgage Girls and Imsure.

Beth's personal story and feedback below; 

In 2020, at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had only just given birth to my daughter and was shocked, devastated and terrified by the diagnosis and impending surgeries and treatment. To make matters worse, my insurance company declined to cover the costs of the cancer treatments just days before I was due to begin. I was left with a large number of private medical bills. It was devastating!

More than a year later, when my partner and I were looking to buy a house, our wonderful mortgage broker, Elyce Peters from The Mortgage Girls, suggested that we speak with Cameron Bryant from Imsure about my insurance company's decision to decline my claim. Cameron was fantastic! He took on my case pro bono and provided me with expert advice and guidance on how to dispute my insurance company's decision. With his help, I took my insurance company to the Ombudsman and won!

I cannot recommend Cameron and Elyce enough. They are both experts in their respective fields and provided me with excellent professional advice and guidance.

Before this experience I had never worked with an insurance broker before and didn’t really understand what value they could bring (and how important it was to have the right insurance in place). I never thought I would get sick, not be able to work and not be able to provide for my family. If you are in the market for insurance, then I highly recommend speaking with Cameron at Imsure. He will provide you with honest and professional advice on all things insurance and arrange the right insurances to protect you and your family. He will also help you to claim on your policies, should the need arise.


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