Budgeting for your new home

Budgeting for your new home.

How will my budget look once I have purchased a home?

It's a pretty exciting and daunting process purchasing a home for the first time!

In saying this preparation is key to know and understand how your budget will look once you have purchase a home. Your budget will change once you have a new home, you will now have some new responsibilities including rates, home insurance and your new mortgage repayments. Knowing what these are in advance of purchasing a home will help you to feel more confident with your purchase.

The Mortgage Girls have some great resources in order to help you know and understand what this will look like check out our resources tab on our website. On here we have two budgeting templates for both a budget for your own home and a budget for purchasing a rental. We also have a great online calculator for calculating what your mortgage repayments will be, use this in conjunction with interest.co.nz in order to see the current mortgage interest rates.

We are also happy to chat or talk anytime in regards, give us a FREE non-obligation call today 0800 864 864, book an appointment online here or email through the following link. 

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