Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!

Dream Big! Set Goals! Take Action!

Did you know they say if you write down your goals your 80% more likely to achieve them?

Is purchasing a home a dream of yours? Keep reading to find out more!

Yes that's right you can get into your first home with as little as 10% deposit through the Welcome Home Loan Package, this means if you would like to purchase a $400,000 house the minimum deposit you would need to save is $40,000.

This $40,000 could be made up of the following, $10,000 personal savings $25,000 Kiwi Saver and $5000 Kiwi Saver First Home Start Grant.

We are helping first home buyers into the market all the time with less the advertised 20% deposit with the new LVR Restrictions. (LVR simply means the lending valuation ratio or how much you owe against the property value)

What The Mortgage Girls Do;

We make the whole process easy to understand and help you through the entire process! We are committed to helping you achieve your goal of owning your first home whether that be putting a savings goal or target in place to make your dream come true or taking action today in order to start the process of applying for a per-approval so you can start your journey of purchasing your first home!

Talk to The Mortgage Girls Today to find out how close you are to your dream of purchasing a home;

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