How Can I Pay off my Home Loan Faster?

How can I pay off my home loan faster? 

Put simply in The Mortgage Girls Terms if you increase your current repayments you will reduce your debt faster. The more you pay and lump sum off your mortgage the faster you will decrease it. 

We truly believe it's important to structure your mortgage to suit your income and ensure you can maintain the repayments.

There are many ideas out there however we believe many of them are not aimed at the average income earner they are aimed towards those earning 80k and above. They definitely can work for everyday income earners saving you interest costs over the period of the loan, however you have to have the ability and time to be very strict and manage your budget on a weekly basis.

There are many ways to structure your lending in order to put yourself in the best position to repay promptly, again it’s always important to ensure the affordability is going to be able to be met.

Check out our resources for budget sheets to use as a guide to help you out!

Who can I contact for more information?

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We can help you with the following New Zealand wide!

We can help you with the following;


?   Savings Planning for a First Home Deposits
?   Home Lending for First Home Buyers
?   Home Lending for existing Home Buyers
?       Rental Property Investment Lending
%        Fixed Rate Reviews
?   Home Loan Top Ups / Refinancing
?   Business / Commercial Lending *
?   Debt Consolidation
?   Car Loans
?   Health / Life / Income Protection Insurance’s

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*Some business, development, 3rd tier lending and commercial lending fees and charges may apply however this will be discussed at the time of application.

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