Struggling to Save a Deposit?

Struggling to save a Deposit?? 

Saving for a deposit can seem never ending, not knowing or understanding how much you require for a first home deposit can also put a damper on your plans.

Making a personalized savings plan can help you achieve your goal faster!

Having a target savings amount in place can help you get into your first home sooner. If purchasing a first home is a dream of yours, keep reading to find out more!

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How much do I need for a deposit? 

DID YOU KNOW? You can get into your first home with as little as 10% deposit through the Welcome Home Loan Package, this means if you would like to purchase a $400,000 house the minimum deposit you would need to save is $40,000.

This $40,000 could be made up of the following, $10,000 personal savings $25,000 Kiwi Saver and $5000 Kiwi Saver First Home Start Grant.

We are helping first home buyers into the market all the time with less the advertised 20% deposit with the new LVR Restrictions. (LVR simply means the lending valuation ratio or how much you owe against the property value)


How long will it take me to save my deposit?  

This can depend on many factors, how dedicated you are to your savings plan, how much you are willing to put into your savings weekly and if you’re willing and/or need to change your current lifestyle to achieve your goal.

An example;

Savings Goal:             $45,000

Current Savings:             $1,000
Current KiwiSaver:     $12,000
Current HomeStart:     $3,000
Total Savings:                $16,000

Savings Required:      ($45,000 - $16,0000) = $29,000

Target Timeframe 2 years:   ($29,000 / 2 years) / 52 weeks = $279 per week to savings

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Who can I contact for more information? 

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We can help you with the following New Zealand wide!

We can help you with the following;

?Savings Planning for a First Home Deposits
?Home Lending for First Home Buyers
?Home Lending for existing Home Buyers
?Rental Property Investment Lending
% Fixed Rate Reviews
?Home Loan Top Ups
? Business / Commercial Lending *
? Debt Consolidation
? Car Loans
? Health / Life / Income Protection Insurance’s


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