The Mortgage Girls have come to the end of our SWAP for LIFE Fundraiser!!

And now have 2 amazing gift vouchers to sell off, all proceeds* will be donated to Lifeline!

AUCTION is on trademe CLICK HERE to bid now!

Item 1 = $1000 Advertising Voucher for Giggle TV - This includes 3 months of advertising across the Christchurch North Network and ad production!

Item 2 = A one-passenger ticket for a 25 minute City and harbour scenic flight from Christchurch Helicopters!

How it all began?

At the beginning of 2017, Elyce a director of The Mortgage Girls sadly lost a friend and a family member to suicide, because of this The Mortgage Girls decided that over 12 weeks The Mortgage Girls would fundraise to make some money for an amazing cause Lifeline.

Lifeline Aotearoa has been helping New Zealanders in crisis for over 50 years, with their free community helplines (Lifeline 24/7, Suicide Crisis Helpline, Kidsline). These phonelines are all answered by volunteers and counsellors from call centres in Christchurch and Auckland. These centres are all funded by donations and receive thousands of calls every year!

Starting with our very own Mortgage Girls Chopping board (a chopping board made from recycled Rimu from the Christchurch Earthquakes) we hoped to swap for something of greater value, and then continually swap for 12 weeks, with each item increasing at value with every swap!! The final item now being auctioned off.

The Mortgage Girls have also been collecting any donations if you would like to contact to our cause please pop your donations too:

The Mortgage Girls Limited
Using the reference: Life and your name

We were also very grateful for the generous cash donation of $1,000.00 from Nadine Tereroa at Fidelity Life which matched the first $1,000 of cash donations!! We now have $2,020 in the account to be donated also!

Lifeline provide a free 24/7 helpline for people in crisis and rely on donations to keep it going, help us raise money for lifeline.

Lifeline facebook

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