SWAP FOR LIFE – August Update


A couple of months back Elyce sadly lost a friend and a family member to suicide, because of this we decided that over 12 weeks The Mortgage Girls will fundraise to make some money for an amazing cause Lifeline.

Starting with our very own Mortgage Girls Chopping board (a chopping board made from recycled Rimu from the Christchurch Earthquakes) we hope to swap for something of greater value, and then continually swap for 12 weeks, with each item increasing at value every swap, then the final item we will auction off beginning of October to raise monies!! We are also collecting any donations if you would like to contact to our cause please pop your donations too:

The Mortgage Girls Limited


Using the reference: Life and your name


SWAP 1 = The Mortgage Girls Chopping Board The Mortgage Girls
SWAP 2 = $500 Langham Signs 2002 Ltd
SWAP 3 = $575 for Element Branding for a re-branding package Element Branding
SWAP 4 = $900 for Black Education for an amazing hair care package including cut/color/bow wave, micro bead extensions and a home care package Black
SWAP 5 = ??

Lifeline provide a free 24/7 helpline for people in crisis and rely on donations to keep it going, help us raise money for lifeline.

Email your swaps to [email protected] or call/txt 027-4655-901.

Start Swapping today!


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