Your Virtual Mortgage Broker! Online Any Time!

Want a virtual Mortgage Broker to hep you with your Mortgage Requirements?

The Mortgage Girls will be able to help you out, we are happy to chat to anyone, anywhere in New Zealand! With technology today we have multiple was we can communicate and help you with your dream of purchasing a home!

Ways to get in contact with a Mortgage Girl!

Save Time Apply Online; https://www.themortgagegirls.co.nz/apply-today/ :

☎️ phone us 0800 864 864

? Skype us the_mortgage_girls

? Email us: [email protected]

? TXT us: 027 265 9553

☕️ have coffee with us, at a coffee shop in your Lunch break!

? we can visit you at home, or you can come to us in Sydenham!

We work the way you work!! Give The Mortgage Girls, get in contact with The Mortgage Girls today for a free non-obligation chat!

How we work;

We are a FREE service! The banks pay us, to look after you!

Get in touch with us today for a FREE non-obligation chat

Why The Mortgage Girls?

We are passionate about what we do, and that's looking after you! With over 17 years combined experience in the industry we have a vast amount of knowledge to help you with your lending requirements!

Look forward to chatting soon!

The Mortgage Girls

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